Some Reasons To Change Your Hosting Provider

Posted on January 18th, 2013

I like to use the term provider to be comprehensive. A provider can be anyone that you give something. The problem occurs when the provider does not provide you anything. Several e-mails come to me talking about the dissatisfaction with the services and support mainly. I might even make a list of top 10 worst web hosting services, but rather help you diagnosis symptoms of poor service:

Outside air

If your provider lets you down constantly in the question uptime or availability of service (if it gives you something else), you can start preparing the bags. That's not good. The worst is the lack of explanation for the problems. Emergency maintenance and upgrades are planned and are understandable. But you cannot hold your customers / visitors upon you because the site is offline.

Response Time

It has a hosting service here in India, more precisely in the South, who must suffer from staff shortages. The other day someone sent me a printscreen which provided the position of the face in the online service: it was the 37th of the queue! There must be a satisfactory response time depending on the priority of your request. Any response time greater than 24 hours is abuse of my saintly patience.

Without any answers

One of two things: either the host's email system does not work or your request was stranded. I have used a host from whom I never received response. When I met the owner online, promised to solve the problems. I'm still waiting ...

I do not remember being promised that ...

It happens a lot to offer a service provider or a resource and after a change in esds data centers, for example, lose this extra offer and not realizing it. If they say the extra offer is very important for you, as like whmcs, it is good to confirm attendance via ticket online because their employment may depend on it. Offer something that you do not have is very, very, very bad for their image.

But I asked for no onions!

Worse than not having what the customer asked for, is to have different. You're super happy with your cpanel server + whmcs that just hired. When you first login, it is met by the helm and a manager is not able to sort this. Nothing more disheartening. When someone requests something, expects to receive exactly what you're asking, you're already paying for it.

More charges

Unless it is established by contract, run from any company every month arrange an excuse to charge you anything. Check which items are free (like transfer of accounts), which are billed and which may change. Corrections in price must be justified and linked to the contract. If it says that your price will never increase, and you notice one more digit in the making, wary of the word business.

There are many other reasons for you to switch to esds dedicated servers hosting provider. Unless the price is hindering their growth, I see no reason to leave good quality / service because of price. You should look for, besides quality, good service. Because once you find the right provider, you can focus on what really matters for your business.

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